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Jul 19, 2009: Crossdresserporn

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It doesn't matter whether you like cross-dressing sites or not, or even if you think the idea of watching big hairy men dressed in sexy clothes sound terrible or not. You still need to visit JackOffLingerie because it will really surprise you, and will most likely cause you to see the niche in a whole new light.

The men on the site are not one bit feminine, but are real masculine looking dudes, and it's hard to explain how much fun it is to see them in terrific looking lingerie, pantyhose and dresses.

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If you're gay and like your men to look like men then you'll love the site and find it a real turn on, and if you're straight then you might be really surprised at what the site does for you. The effect of seeing these guys dressed in such sexy lingerie, pantyhose and frocks is difficult to explain, but it's hard to watch them without getting a rock solid erection.

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The quality of the pictures and videos is terrific, and the price is spot on, so go check out the tour now, and perhaps be amazed at the effect that the site has on you.

You might even discover a side of yourself that you didn't know existed!

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